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Newgrounds Forum Problems

Posted by John12346 - July 27th, 2007

The Newgrounds mods have been fixing up a lot of the bugs that happened to show up right after the redesign, and as we all know, the admins/mods have been taking care of it. However, there have been a lot of problems showing up in the forums. Whether they are bugs or annoyances, they are problems, all in all. Some of these problems include:

Typing Lag- This problem has to have been the biggest problem on the NG Forums. The typing lag is a problem in which the text you are typing shows up a lot slower than the speed you are typing. Typing up a post could take minutes even if it took you 30 seconds to type something up. This, however, is a bug, because the typing lag doesn't occur when you are writing Flash Reviews or typing up some Newgrounds News. This problem is still unattended to and still continues to bother users.

One user looked at the scripting of it and saw way too many lines of code, and therefore concluded that the huge amount of script was the cause of the typing lag.

Here's a user's comment on the matter:

"Hey guys, for some reason, I've noticed this wierd problem letely. I dont know if its my computer or the site, but when I go to post a message in the BBS, all the letters I type appear really slow like my coputer is frezzing up on me, when its working smoothly. And it only does this when I'm typing in the Message part of a post. It works perfectly in the Subect secion and even in the searchbar." -Bran-Man

That pretty much sums it up.

Page Layout- There are a few things messed up with each thread page:
- No Page Jump button.
- That << < > >> picture messes up on threads with many pages.

That was just a few things I thought I'd throw out there.

Sigs- This has to be one of the most annoying problems ever. The maximum sig heights are 50 pixels, and it pissed off many users because they all these great sigs that were the original 60 pixels high. Unfortunately, they're just going to have to deal with it and make new sigs.

Another thing about the sigs is that they can't be animated. That really pissed off a lot of users.

Unfortunately, I don't think these problems are going to be dealt with, so you people are going to have to deal with what you have.

Using a Search Engine- One last thing. When you click on someone's post after searching through their posts, it takes you to the first page of the thread, instead of the page of the thread in which the user has typed in. The admins/mods acknowledged this problem and will deal with it soon.

That's about it. I'm sure there are other problems, but you can count on the friendly workers of Newgrounds to fix it all up!

Until next time!


P.S.: I just hit 1111 posts! Saved forever below...

Newgrounds Forum Problems



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