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The New Newgrounds. Good or Bad?

2007-07-17 20:47:56 by John12346

It's been chaotic here on Newgrounds ever since the redesign. Everything has changed here on Newgrounds; the Levels, the Userpages, and the Front Page, among other things. However, has this change been for the beter or the worse?

Levels- The levels on Newgrounds have changed completely; from 30 to 60 levels. This seems to have been done to allow newer users to reach higher levels easier. Here's what other people thought of the new level system.

-I just deposited and apparently I will need about 4k more expirience to get to the next level. That's a lot.- Bazi

It looks like the level gaps are still pretty large. But that's not true. This person doesn't need 4000 more exp.; he needs 4000 exp. period. So that's just a big typo.

-After a while, I stopped waiting for the redesign, and almost didn't want it to happen. I was going to be level 11 on the 27th and didn't want any of this gay shit to happen. I liked the user changing version of the levels, and 60 levels? I mean come on! At least double our xp!! I'll probably get used to it, but for now, I'm fucking pissed.- green-day-fan1

It also seems like some people aren't used to the sudden change in scenery just yet.

-I feel that the level jumps were a big improvement. It allowed people to reach those hard levels much easier and raise their self-esteem.-John12346

But there's no denying the fact that reaching higher levels is easier.

As far is the level system goes, it's just mainly a ploy to help users get away from noobness.

Newgrounds BBS- The new NG BBS has brought people into a large fit of conversation. The new BBS is pretty much the same, except you can use more emoticons.

-I think we would enjoy this historical moment if we keep doing the old jokes and the stuff all people used to do before the new look.-enquencle
-I find it quite sexy, though it feels kinda slow.-Pointy-Circle

There are mainly neutral feelings about this.

The new BBS is basically a carbon-copy of the old BBS, but with a neat shine and spit-polish.

Flash Portal-The Flash Portal is essentially the same thing, except you can now view Flash in the same window in which you used to open it.

-I think the Flash Portal is the same, but I kind of hate that the Flash you click doesn't change color, so now you can't keep track of which Flash you did and didn't watch.-Anonymous(Ok I forgot.)

All in all, there wasn't too much of a change here.

Userpages- A new way to display yourself on Newgrounds. Some people like it. Some people don't. It's like making a profile on the old Newgrounds, but there's more to do.

Newgrounds Itself- All in all, Newgrounds has seemed to make a big improvement and a big 'deprovement' from the original. Here's some commentary from random users about their input on the new Newgrounds.

Doesn't look any different.-GrandfatherClock
Fucking beautiful! Awesome work, Tom!-Snype
Tom, I'm literally orgasming.-KillerCRS
Still no edit button.-Xavon
The slowness of it all...-hollohill

All right. Until next time!

From the computer of John12346


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2007-07-17 21:09:56

Thanks for the coverage. :)

I think you are only 210 exp away from the next level, but a wording mistake in the Flash Portal makes people think otherwise. That's very far down on a big list at the moment - a list that starts with "don't let the site crash and get rid of the lag."

There's already a lot of little things that have become blatantly obvious to us now that the site is being used by everyone... So we should be addressing a lot of the issues and concerns that have been coming up. These coming weeks should really work out the kinks!

(Updated ) John12346 responds:

Mmkay. Thanks for noticing the kinks and fixing them in the future.

There are always mistakes in everything and that's only to be expected. All that needs to be done is to fix them.

Btw. I'll fix the typo.


2007-07-17 21:20:37

Wow very thorough examination, although I'd like to hear more opinions on the Audio Portal part, that's one of the features I was most excited about.

John12346 responds:

Sorry, the Audio Portal slipped my mind.


2007-07-17 21:32:15

Personally I think the audio portal revamp looks awesome, but I hear not to many people like the changes :|.. I wonder why though.

John12346 responds:

I didn't look at the Audio Portal yet when I made this. That's why it wasn't included.


2007-07-18 13:14:48

I just gotta say i'm happy to be a higher level than 9, lol.

(Updated ) John12346 responds:

Who isn't? lol.


2007-07-18 16:39:53

Poor guy, still haven't recovered from Garbage Whistle.

John12346 responds:

I'm trying. I'll get normal eventually.


2007-07-18 16:52:46

you forgot to mention the spiffy new staff page. and i too am happy to get out of that lvl 9 rut. even though i was almost out anyway. i like the noob plunger too. when the bugs are gone, this place will be very nice.


2007-07-19 00:41:42

i had a garbage whistle the other day, got normal back the next day. it was my fault for not posting them on rage's gift therefore my lone whistle was ignored and so on. but i got it back by mainly going to other ppl's links. you deserve a bronze after this, i should get one as well.


2007-09-26 23:51:23

"Still no edit button.-Xavon"

Is that me? o_o


2007-10-13 22:59:36

no way TomFulp posted in your blog, lucky you.